Lambug Beach Escapade

23947948804_83edd48ecf_cIt was quite a trip.From here in Cebu City to Badian.We travelled for about 3 hours and 30 minutes.Thanks to Kuya Bryan who drove the car for us.We stayed there for 1 day and 1 night only in Grandeur Resort.You can pick any resorts,though.In our trip,we passed a lot of Cities,Municipalities and provinces.Naga,San Fernando,Carcar City,Barili,Dumanjug,Ronda,Alcantara,Argao,Moalboal then we arrived.It was near the Cebu International Golf Club.Yeah,it was tiring to travel that long,but it was worth it!When we arrived it was a bit hot,but when we walked near the seashore,it was paradise!White sand beach,sunny weather,and a beautiful blue sea!At the time we arrived we then got dressed then jumped into the ocean.It was chilly at first but became warm later.We really enjoyed it.It was a terrific experience with a terrific low price.This is one of the places we must go!This proves that it is more fun in the Philippines!

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