Facebook Addict?

Are you a Facebook Addict?Do you update your status before you sleep?Do you take a  “Woke up like this” pic and post it on Facebook in the morning?Well you have a case of Facebookaddictitis.If you’re parents are really mad at you because of your addiction,then I think you could use some of my advice:

1.If you wake up in the morning and you feel like posting a “Good Morning” pic well try to go to the bathroom then wash your face then brush your teeth.It  keeps you busy so that you can resist Facebook just for the moment.

2.If you are eating lunch then you want to brag your viand or food to your friends and followers,well try eating your phone.Joke!

3.If it’s nighttime and you are already in bed better put your phone,tablet and etc.in your closet.Then try to think twitter instead of Facebook.LOL!

4.If it’s midnight and you have insomnia,don’t count the sheep talk to the sheperd,don’t do Facebook and try to read my blog.

If you follow my steps and your addiction lessen,please gie me your feedback and request more topics for my blogs.Thank you.For more  blogs,just click the star button then add my webpage to your bookmark.God Bless!And do facebook less.😁